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White Clinic and the International Press

February was a great month for us! If you’ve been following us up close, be it in person or here on the Miguel Stanley Channel, you’ve certainly noticed how we’ve been gaining projection in the international press. From the articles published in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine, to Sloan! Magazine and 55 Factory, not disregarding, of course, the national press, with our interview to Diário de Notícias.

It’s good to know that dentistry gets people talking, and increasingly more so! Thus, it is with great pride that I feel obliged to congratulate all the excellent professionals that are part of the White Clinic®, for all their excellent work and commitment to our profession and to our patients’ health and the well-being.

In addition to the several publications in the magazines I mentioned above, we also had a small article published in the Mirror this February. It is, of course, a very simple article but it represents a lot to us! After all, that website is visited by a vast number of people!

I truly believe that this year still has great surprises in store for us!

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