What if a poor oral hygiene had a bad impact on an athlete’s performance?

Have you ever noticed how people like to categorize health issues? When we talk about our oral health issues we don’t relate them to other problems or even to our general health status. It’s like they belong to different “boxes” and don’t have any connection between themselves.

That, my friends, is a big mistake! Every health condition can have an impact on the other systems of our body, or in the way we live our lives. And the truth is that a poor oral hygiene can have a big impact on our general health and productivity.

I’ve told you before that oral health has a big impact on happiness and well-being. But did you know there’s scientific proof that oral problems (such as cavities or gum inflammation, for example) can decrease an athlete’s performance and physical capacity?

Yes, it’s true! As some of our patients are high competition athletes, data such as this is very important.

At the White Clinic, we are very careful when analysing each case. We know that everything, even the tiniest detail is crucial. And if it turns out that their performance is enhanced by the work we do passionately, day after day, then I must say our job is done!

Today, an article on this precise subject came out on the portuguese sports website O Jogo, and I invite you to read more there!




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