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What if a healthy diet could change inmate’s rehabilitation process?

Everybody knows that a healthy diet, with good ingredients, is very important for a balanced physiology, so that your brain and body can work in harmony. When you eat high contents of sugar and fat, and on top of that you’re not really eating much, this can have serious consequences, including psychological problems.

The prison system in the US must be one of the harshest environments on the planet! The United States has one of the highest percentages of inmates of any country in the world, and what is even more bizarre is that a lot of these prisons are actually privately run, which means they are a business.

I wonder how much of these prisoners could truly be rehabilitated if given a correct diet of health food, instead of the prison food they’re eating now. This is such a serious problem that they are now being led to use ramen noodles in exchange for currency within the prison system!

This is one of those situations that really saddens me, because I think that, while having a diet like this, rehabilitation will be kind of difficult.


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