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Today, in Expresso newspaper

One thing I can say about my life is that it is incredibly fulfilled. I have an amazing team of highly dedicated professionals behind me that allow me to really have a place on the global sphere of my profession.

I have travelled to over 38 countries to talk passionately about what drives me in dentistry and I look forward to visiting many more.

Unlike many professional speakers, I am mostly a clinician. I’m truly happy when I’m in the clinic, working with my patients and that’s something I do everyday. A lot of people think that I spend more time lecturing than I do working, and that’s not true.

So my day starts quite early, with a lot of preparation and a lot of team work, love and dedication.

Thank you, Expresso, for this really cool photograph! I was the first doctor of any specialty doing a piece like this one for the newspaper and that makes me feel accomplished for all the hard work we do at the clinic.



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