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Talking with GQ Portugal: we are what we eat

I’ve been collaborating with GQ Portugal for the past month, and a new article has come out this week.

We are what we eat, and this is especially true when it comes to our oral health. Having a good diet with a lot of natural foods can only benefit us and after 20 years practicing dentistry, I can assure you that I can always tell when one of my patients has not been eating well.

Of course, a good oral hygiene routine plays a big part in keeping everything in check, but there’s no amount of brushing and cleaning that can make up for the damage that sugar and processed food wreak on the teeth.

So, what should you eat to have a healthy and beautiful smile?

The old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away rings true when it comes to our oral health. Eating apples is great for our gums and teeth, since its texture stimulates the production of saliva and this is a great way of cleaning our mouth.

Cheese is also a good bet when it comes to foods that help in neutralizing oral acidity, and because it’s rich in calcium and protein, it helps to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Of course you can cheat a little bit here and there, but creating and maintaining good eating habits is what will keep you healthy throughout the years.

You can check out the full article in here.



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