Speech therapy always goes hand in hand with Orthodontics

Contrary to popular belief, speech therapy doesn’t only treat speech impairments. It can treat and help treating swallowing problems, which are in the root of many dental problems, like malocclusions and faulty bites. And this may be a huge difference for quality of life.

Our mouth works as a whole and that’s why we dentists have to work closely with speech therapists, among other specialties.

Dr. Rita Fernandes is our speech therapist at the White Clinic® and she does an amazing job!

As I’ve said, there are many problems that can only be solved with the support of a speech therapist and Dr. Rita is a key piece in our clinic. We are all perfectionists so we couldn’t help but have someone in our team who works on the mouth from a different perspective than that of a Dentist. This is the only way we can better our patients’ oral health in all its smallest details.

Speech therapy involves a lot of studying in subjects such as linguistics, acoustics, neuroanatomy and even genetics! Can you even imagine learning about all this? It really is an impressive field.

You can watch Dr. Rita’s work in the vídeo below. How cool is that?



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