New project “What makes you smile?”

During the launch of my new channel, I took the opportunity to present a new project: “What makes you smile?”.

Because a smile is much more than the simple reflection of joy, and it is rather a reflection of someone’s health and well-being, I will  create a set of small interviews focused on how important a smile is. Starting with myself, (you may watch it here), I will move on to interview some friends and colleagues. This feature will be published on a weekly basis, and I challenged my friend Sara Matos to be the next guest.

“What makes you smile?” is about smiles and happiness. It aims to be something really positive linked to social and solidarity causes. To make a difference in the world we live in is crucial to me, as I myself have with my contribution to the Bombeiros Voluntários de Cascais [Cascais Fire Department], to whom I express my gratitude for being present at the event. It is our duty to encourage mutual assistance and highlight the entities and causes which may bring something positive to the lives of everyone.



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