Meet our Invisalign® platinum provider at the White Clinic

Many people are hearing about Invisalign® and invisible orthodontics. It seems like super advanced technology has finally come to our rescue to help us get straight teeth and a beautiful smile without all the nuisance of dental brackets.

I have been working side by side with Dr. Alessandra Curto here at the White Clinic for over fourteen years and we were one of the first clinics in the country to adopt this revolutionary technology all those years ago.

Dr. Alessandra is a platinum provider of Invisalign®, which means that she does more cases than most dentists. Whereas other dentists in Portugal – I believe that there are 5 other dentists that are also platinum providers – it is important to say that only half of Dr. Alessandra’s cases are done using Invisalign®. On the other half she uses the damon technology which is fixed bracket aligners.

She is incredible at choosing the best technology for each case and in fourteen years has never got one wrong, specializing in the most complex treatments and making sure that patients get nothing but the best.

Once again, congrats on the platinum status!


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