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How we changed Nuno’s smile

At White Clinic® we strive to develop a close and transparent relationship with our patients. More than just a clinical case standing before us, what we see here are flesh and blood persons, with needs and worries which we can change. That´s why it is really important for us to learn how to listen to our patients, in order to figure out what their aspirations are, how they imagine their ideal smiles would be. As Dentists, we can never forget we’re dealing with someone’s real expectations and that our work can influence their life’s in a great way!

When Nuno come to see us, he was feeling unhappy about his smile in many different ways. Not only the removable prosthesis had become incredible uncomfortable for him to use on a daily basis, as he additionally had several other problems needing our intervention. When we asked Nuno what his expectations were, we understood what his aspirations were: Nuno’s dream was to have fixed beautiful teeth, and that his smile would look naturally his own.

Acknowledging this, it was pretty easy to be sure of path we should tread! Our mission was to give him back the smile he so much aspired for, a full and harmonious smile, which we managed to accomplished through rehabilitation with implants. In the end, Nuno’s smile suffered a complete makeover and with it, Nuno himself. He was really happy when he left our clinic and confidence was mirrored both in his face and in his smile. In fact, I can honestly say that the person who first got into our clinic was not the same we saw walking out the door.

*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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