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Heartbroken for Istanbul

Last night a terrible act of violence was committed at the Istanbul Airport. The International Atatà¼rk Airport is one of the most amazing airports in the world. I have travelled through there a lot.

Istanbul is one of our favourite cities to visit, my wife and I have been there several times and it’s truly a gem on the planet!

To attack this airport and its international status is to attack the world, because the international airport in Istanbul doesn’t just belong to the Turks. It’s the most crowded airport on the planet.

What happened in Belgium, what happened in France, and now what is happening in Istanbul, I hope this is the worst it will get. And I trust that our security forces, our governments, and, most importantly, our religious leaders, can come together and somehow put an end to all this madness.

My heart goes out to all the travellers, all the first responders, and those who lost loved ones. I’m travelling to Dubai today, which is also an international airport in a Muslim country, and I travel without fear. I will not let them win.


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