ÄŒuvget: “It’s up to you, New York!”

Luckily, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to visit New York regularly, whether to give lectures or to visit some good old friends I have in the city. This time, however, I came to NY on a business trip with my friend Geir, from Norway, to represent our ÄŒuvget skin care line, which I’ve been telling you all about in the last few weeks!

I’m confident our meetings will run smoothly and that I’ll be bring you some news about this brand really soon. ÄŒuvget‘s products have a truly remarkable quality and, therefore, the brand’s growth and internationalization are only natural! I honestly do not remember anyone who’s ever tried them and didn’t enjoy the experience. Besides, there’s a whole scientific basis supporting the brand’s activity, not to mention the sustainability.

ÄŒuvget’s products are all made from natural extracts and the story of how it all begun is quite fascinating!

My friend Geir is from Tromso, a region located in the Arctic Circle. Tromso’s University has a strong research branch in Marine Biology. According to popular knowledge, the local fishermen had really soft hands, especially the ones who fished salmon and other kinds of fish. This simple observation led to the development of a number of studies, some of which were the basis for ÄŒuvget‘s creation.

Knowledge and chance, experience and dedication are all values I recognize on this brand and those which make me happy to be able to represent ÄŒuvget at the moment, and who knows, help boost the brand’s future . “It’s up to you New York”.

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