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Leaders in Action Society Interview

Leaders in Action Society is a platform of inspiring stories told in the first person through intimate and memorable conversations with some of the great leaders of our time Their backgrounds and nationalities might diverge, but every single one of them embodies a true 21st century leader. These stories are made into compelling videos that […]

ACE SYMPOSIUM 2019- Toronto

Last 14thSeptember I travelled to Toronto, Canada, to lecture at ACE Symposium. I was invited to lecture alongside Dr Kois, and other doctors such as Salah Huwais, Ralph Georg, Mark Kown and Jeff Li. It was a wonderful experience to lecture among some of the most exciting speakers in the world and to share with […]

Embracing the Evolution of Digital Dentistry – ADA Interview

Last week on the 5th and 6th September I had the privilege to lecture at the ADA/FDA meeting in San Francisco. I had talked about totally new ideas and my vision for the future of the dental profession.    I would like to share with you one of my favourite interviews I gave at San […]

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