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Can a devitalized tooth hurt? Check the answer here.

“Can a devitalized tooth hurt?”… believe it or not, this is one of the most frequent questions asked, when it comes to devitalized teeth, and the answer is yes. If the bacteria affecting you tooth persist, you can have another painful episode and need another treatment.

It’s actually quite normal for this to happen. Unfortunately, the technology needed to fully devitalize a tooth – one that we have at the White Clinic® – is expensive, and many dental clinics cannot afford it.

But imagine that you discovered now you may have to treat that devitalized tooth of yours again. What happens now?

Well, because it’s a tooth that has already had some kind of treatment, the dentist assisting you has to pay attention to some things:

• Tooth’s anatomy. Check where the tooth has been treated and what are the potential problems he needs to solve.
• Is there any contamination of the materials previously used? Because if there is, it can be causing the problem and it needs fixing.
• Use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth being treated and avoid saliva contamination.
• Prepare the roots in order to make a proper disinfection with proper irrigators.
• Seal up the root canals to prevent future infections.

Don’t forget that you should check your teeth regularly, especially in these cases!

Got any further questions? Leave your fears and doubts on the comment section below.


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