What causes tooth sensitivity and how to avoid it

If you think you may have sensitive teeth, then you’re probably right! The pain we get from having sensitive teeth is very specific, given that it usually doesn’t last long, and most of the times you can pinpoint what’s causing it.

Cold drinks, hot food, even brushing your teeth can cause pain, and this is problematic, not only because it’s uncomfortable, but also because it indicates that your teeth are not as healthy as you’d like them to be.

Our teeth are composed of layers, starting with the enamel, followed by the dentine, the cemento-enamel, the pulp chamber, the root canal and the apex. An exposed dentine is the one to blame for a sensitive tooth, and this can happen either because the enamel has worn off or because the gums show signs of receding.

There are many ways to prevent this problem, and maybe the more important is: be gentle when you brush your teeth! It’s very common for me to see receding gums at the White Clinic®, and this happens because people brush their teeth using too much pressure and speed. Teeth should be brushed gently and slowly, and this is really the only way to make sure they really do get squeaky clean!

Other things that may cause teeth sensitivity are, of course, a poor oral hygiene, teeth grinding and enamel erosion, which can be caused by acid foods and drinks.

If you’ve had a whitening treatment recently, a bit of sensitivity is to be expected during the treatment, as well.

If you do have sensitive teeth talk with your doctor and get informed on how you can treat or, at least, manage this problem.


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