This Friday I’ll be lecturing in Portugal for an audience of young dentists

This Friday I’m going to talk to over 300 young dentists who are part of the Young Dentist Worldwide Program.

I’m very honored to have been invited to speak at my University, since it’s the first time since I graduated, in almost 20 years that I’m lecturing, and I have to say I am quite excited.

I’ll be talking about my Life Changing Dentistry® Philosophy at the 5th National Congress for Students and Young Dentists. After having lectured in 44 countries, it is wonderful to finally have an opportunity to talk at home.

You know that my big ambition is to help young dentist feel that they have a place in Dentistry, and I hope to share with them those stories and steps that I know that, if they follow, they will be happier and more successful in life.

I know it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to walk the campus of my University again.




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