Talking with GQ Portugal: how about you stopped smoking?

From now on I’ll be collaborating with GQ Portugal in a series of small articles about oral health. The first article was published last week, and I answered some questions about the effects that smoking and drinking alcohol can have in our teeth and gums general health.

Having bad breath and yellowed teeth are minor problems when compared to the real risks of smoking. Not only does it increase the risks of oral and lung cancer, but it also presents real risks to our overall oral health.

Smoking and drinking in excess can cause periodontal disease, which, ultimately, leads to severe gum inflammation and teeth loss. Periodontal disease happens when the tissue connecting the teeth and the gums becomes infected, and the body’s natural response to this attack eventually can make the teeth get looser and fall “naturally”.

Stopping smoking can be a really hard feat, that’s true, but the payoff is immense!

At the White Clinic® we help a lot of people stop smoking and we see the absolute difference it makes in people’s lives. By doing their health such an immense service and by recovering a bright and fresh smile, people become more confident and happy in their own skin.

You can read the full article here.


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