Speaking at the IADS/ANEO Congress, Madrid

Summer holidays are almost over and I must admit I love seeing everyone back to work and full of energy. It’s White Clinic’s™ rhythm at its best! I’m so proud of my team that I don’t have any concerns whenever I go out of town. An amazing team working with the best available technology and the right motivation, what else can I say?

Next week I’ll be lecturing at the IADS/ANEO Congress for an audience of 80-100 graduate and postgraduate students. This year, something big is going to happen! Four independent events – the 64th IADS Meeting, the 24th ANEO Congress, the FDI Conference and the 1st AfroDSA General Assembly – will merge in what will be a huge event for dental students across the world.

Monday morning I’ll be talking to my future colleagues about the clinic’s philosophy in a 3-hour live conference via Skype. No Half Smiles: Learning to Say No is the reason for the success we have, the smiles we share with our patients and friends.

Young students do remember that perfection requires time! Taking a new case is a big responsibility and your decisions will affect the patient’s life. By becoming a dentist you are becoming a doctor, someone who is able to look at the big picture and who should not get caught in solving health problems like they’re simple daily tasks.

Think about that!

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