My new article on LinkedIn (and a picture of my father)

I wrote a new article for LinkedIn about the importance of our smile, both in our health, and in our relationships.

Smiling is so, so important when we build happy and trustable relationships with others! A smile indicates friendliness, trust and, ultimately, it indicates an openness to create a bond.

That’s just one of the reasons why having a well-treated mouth is so important. Having bad teeth can affect our health in more dangerous ways than we think. Do you know that rotting teeth can lead to heart problems?

So, having a good smile can be synonym to having good health and, of course, a good emotional life.
To illustrate this article I chose a photo of my father. I love it, he looks so happy and playful! It really does show his happiness.

Having a great smile is all about showing what’s going on inside your heart.

You can read the article here.


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