Meet this extraordinary reference in Cosmetic Dentistry

This Saturday I got an opportunity to hang out with Dr. Maxime Belograd from the Ukraine. He is a world renowned international speaker on Cosmetic Dentistry and his field of expertise is veneers.

Dr. Maxime Belograd lectures all around the world and promotes something called microvision, which is the use of microscopes to do your work.


He is a member of several organizations and is widely respected as a great communicator and excellent practitioner.


I went to visit his centre in Kiev, where he does hands-on training for dentists – both beginning their careers and already veterans that are looking to improve their skills.

I was quite impressed with what I found and he asked me on the spot if I wanted to give an impromptu lecture. I’m always prepared, and gave my «Life-changing Dentistry» lecture.

He was kind enough to translate it into Russian. I also got a chance to interview him, and unfortunately we didn’t get the first few minutes of that interview, but check out a few of the questions and answers in the video below.

 It’s always wonderful to meet people that speak the same language: excellence in Dentistry!



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