Highlights of my trip to Moscow

Today I received a poster from the 12th Annual MegaGen Symposium in Moscow, which will happen next year in April. On the 15th to the 17th of April I will be sharing the stage with some living legends in the field of modern dentistry. Dr. Burton Langer is considered the father of cosmetic gum surgery and the field is called periodontology. He truly revolutionized the way in which we treat gums and I am honored to be on the same poster with him.

I saw him lecture last year in New York, and for someone with his advanced age I must say that he still has the youth, the energy and the drive that I think many doctors in the world wish they could have. He is truly an inspiration.

Also, my good friend Dr. David Garber, a fellow south-african who made his career in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside Dr. Ronald Goldstein, the father of cosmetic dentistry and my good friend Maurice Salama. I fashioned the way I practice dentistry around these guys, especially when it comes to the principles of ethics and good treatment planning. So, it’s an incredible feeling to have admired these guys in university, learned from them as a young dentist and now get to share the stage with them as an adult. It’s like I’m a young musician getting ready to play on stage with Bruce Springsteen. This is how I feel!

I am humbled and ready, as I have been doing this myself for a decade now, and I will be delivering my new lecture “Life-changing Dentistry”, where I talk about the emotional correlation between what we do, how we do it, how much we charge for it and, of course, everything that goes into making a new smile – looking from the industry perspective and the patient’s perspective.

I’m truly excited for this and it’s obviously going to be a highlight for next year! And besides that, I love Moscow! It’s such a great city and my Russian is getting better!


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