Ercília Machado came by the White Clinic™ and had a few things to say

Ercília Machado is one of Portugal’s coolest athletes. She’s currently a long-distance runner for Sporting, and she came to the White Clinic™ after she learned that her persisting lesions might be related to oral health and dental occlusion.

She’d been going from dentist do dentist, not really trusting any of them and always feeling uneasy about the treatments and approaches, and this ended up meaning her teeth were never really treated properly and that was affecting her overall health.

Our NoHalfSmiles™ approach means we always treat the whole mouth, and that’s exactly what we did. First, we replaced her old fillings with biocompatible materials, which is something we always recommend to our patients.

After that we did a full digital implant, because Ercília was missing a tooth. It might seem like something minor, but a missing tooth can cause posture problems, as well as chronic pain in the jaw, neck and shoulders.

As usual, Ercília’s treatment was done digitally, and this, combined with biocompatible fillers and our NoHalfSmiles™ philosophy meant she didn’t have to wait a long time to get her implant. The chances of her body rejecting the treatment were also reduced to almost zero and she suffered no trauma throughout the interventions.

Ercília Machado is an amazing athlete, and it was awesome to have her at the clinic. We were all really excited about the outcome of the treatment plan, because even though it was fairly simple and standard, we’re always curious to see how having a new smile will affect out patient’s lives.

We still have to wait for a bit and see how her performance does in the future, but we sat her down in the end to ask her a few questions and she was really happy with her experience at White Clinic™. Check it out.

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