Right after my conference in Toronto and a busy week at the clinic, I travelled to Belo Horizonte in Brazil...
ACE SYMPOSIUM 2019- Toronto
Last 14thSeptember I travelled to Toronto, Canada, to lecture at ACE Symposium. I was invited to lecture alongside Dr Kois,...
Embracing the Evolution of Digital Dentistry – ADA Interview
Last week on the 5th and 6th September I had the privilege to lecture at the ADA/FDA meeting in San...
Breaking News in ADA Website
It’s a true honour for me to participate in the next ADA New Dentist Conference in San Francisco on the...
The Story Behind the Smile
Today I would like to share with you a little video that was done by Carestream dental, which is one...

The Story Behind the Smile

Behind every smile, there’s a story. Of an obstacle overcome. A challenge accepted. A workflow streamlined. A life changed. Not only from the perspective of the patient, but also from those of you who create those smiles.
And we’re proud to play a key part in those stories.


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