Connected to Dubai – Zeina was our guest at the White Clinic™

Meet Dr. Zeina, a young dentist who came by the White Clinic™ to get to know our advanced methods and the technologies. It was cool for the White Clinic™ to be connected to Dubai, where she’s currently based. She came a long way to be with us and, of course, we have to thank her for the amazing experience of having her in the clinic.

She’s very interested in digital dentistry, and even had some training in Digital Smile Design, with my friend and colleague Dr. Christian Coachman.

Like us, Dr. Zeina wants to help more people achieve confidence and happiness through their smiles. Just like she says, «dentistry is a unique field that combines health, beauty, and art», and I couldn’t have found better words to describe what we do daily.

Sharing experiences and connecting with people from different countries and cultures has proven to make us all evolve into something bigger, something that goes way beyond what we imagined.

Us dentists should all believe that what we do is one smile at a time, so make sure to be part of a bigger game.

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