Beautiful smile, white smile?

Teeth whitening is one of the themes we are frequently asked about. After all, the perfect smile most of us idealize doesn’t just have to do with the shape, but also with the colour of the teeth. Everybody wants to have perfectly white teeth and it’s only natural to worry about it because we are used to look at a smile as a reflection of wellness and happiness!

The truth is that teeth whitening is a simple and quick aesthetic treatment that can actually make a big change on a smile. There are several ways to achieve it! Of course each case is different and, because of that, it’s hard to tell which method is more or less indicated for someone without a good analysis from your dentist. Besides, it is important to understand that a teeth whitening treatment acts only on natural teeth, and you won’t be able to see the same effect on teeth with extensive restoration or ceramics.

As time passes by, it is perfectly normal that teeth gain some sort of colouring, especially on people that drink coffee, tea or wine. Also, there are some foods that can influence teeth colouring, as well as smoking! When we perform a whitening treatment in a dental clinic, not only do we eliminate the stains that come with these daily habits, but we also make the dark enamel whiter.

This is a safe treatment and yes, it can be done with some regularity if it is determinant to increase the self-esteem of somebody who wishes it. I must say I’m available to clarify any doubts that you wish to comment here and I even challenge all my fellow dentists to share their experiences here!

Remember that sharing knowledge is always important.

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