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"My dream is for a healthier, safer and greener world for my children"


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“A beautiful woman is not one who is praised by her legs or arms, but one whose entire appearance is of such beauty that leaves no possibility to admire the isolated parts.”


“When a client arrives at the practice, is faced with a technological apparatus that seems to be from a science fiction movie”


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Learn all about the diseases that most affect the Portuguese and realize how they can interfere in our daily life. With the Oliveira family, a family that could be like so many others we know, with different generations, and the world, will find out, in an unconventional way, all that’s important about the diseases that most affect the Portuguese population, showing how they can affect us in a social context. Several health problems were diagnosed in this family, some more serious than others. The list of diseases presented is very common in our country, that being the reason why the author chose them in order to shows how the same problems may affect the day-to-day. It is natural that after reading this book to start to took more closely at people around you, trying to understand a little more about the attitudes and reactions that they have, analyzing them as beings and not merely the as the result of the character of each, but who knows, the outcome of their health conditions, or the lack of it, and the reflection that mirrors a lack self-esteem.


"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."




Miguel Stanley, was born in Durban, South Africa to a British mother and a Portuguese father. He lived there till he was 9 and then the family went on an adventurous sailing trip with his family on a small yacht from South Africa to Portugal, taking just over a year. He then lived in Cascais, Portugal where he attended an English school and later a Portuguese all boy catholic school.

He studied to become a DDS and has several post graduate degrees in the field of cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery. He built an impressive practice and became one of the most the most reputed dentists in the country. He lectures all over the world on his work, and this is one of his great passions. In order to help pay for his education he was a model with Elite. Having done his first tv commercial at the age of 15, he went on to do over 60 tv commercials. This close understanding of the tv industry helped him create over 6 tv shows as the author, executive producer and host, all in the area of medical makeover shows. Recently he starred in his own tv show “Dr. White” and is a frequent guest on CBS's "The Doctors" in Los Angeles.

He is a published author , with his book "Health on the road to Happiness" (Saúde no caminho para a felicidade)